Nic Allstott - Director

Nic is the founder of DECENT. He makes the clothes, builds the website, runs the instagram, styles the shoots, and literally everything but photographing the lookbook.


Demetrius Mensah - Model / Producer / Collaborator

Demetrius modeled for this collection and provided creative input. He's a wizard at customizing sneakers, modeling, acting, and anything creative. He's also one of our collaborators for our custom denim jackets. Check his shit out now.


Marina Choy - Photographer

Marina makes cool shit. She's a freelancing photographer, shoot stylist, PA, and pretty much anything to do with a camera, set, or creative concept.


Molly McNally - Model

Molly is clutch. She killed it modeling with us. She also kills it as a social media strategist, content curator, and general creative badass.


Aaron Whitaker - Collaborator

Aaron is the artist behind my jacket in the shoot. He's an epic creator living up in Seattle, WA.


Cera Crocket - Literally none of this would have happened without you. I wouldn't even know what the hell a pattern is without you. Anything I can do with a piece of fabric or a sewing machine wouldn't have happened without you. Cera runs DevisePDX.

Matthew Rhoades - Your experience and expertise has made this and all of my creative projects better. Your continued support and patronage has made me what I am and is paving the way for where I'm going. Matthew runs MatteLab.

Skip Lei - My meetings with you have both reinforced what I've learned doing this and completely turned it upside down. Thanks for making time. Skip does too many awesome things to list, so here's his LinkedIn.

Mike & Bobbi - Nowhere does it say that parents have to be nearly as supportive as you. Without you not only would I not be doing this, I wouldn't have even been born, so thanks for that.

Kristen - Thanks for letting me put sewing machines and fabric in the living room.

God - Thanks for making me with a passion to do dope shit and always being my foundation.