Welcome to Season 3

If you've been following us for a while you know that DECENT doesn't do things how we're supposed to. We've changed direction, product, and operations every season and we'll continue to do so because Decent is a reflection of where I'm at when I develop the collection. S1 was all about getting something out into the world. It defined who I was at the time. I was frustrated with feeling like I was just waiting around for an opportunity so instead I created one. S2 pushed the ideas of S1 even further, telling my story artistically while we evolved in our supply chain, using Threadless to produce our products. Throughout the course of S2 we explored cut-and-sew, realizing that to produce apparel the way we believe it should be produced, we'd have to spend around $80 per shirt to make that happen, and then we'd have a ton of inventory on hand that we'd have to bust our asses to sell at well over $100 per shirt.

Fuck that.

With multiple bolts of fabric on hand, I learned how to manufacture myself. I had my vision of the clothing I wanted to make so I learned how to do so. You can read about who helped me out on this journey in the credits section of the lookbook. These clothes are all made by me, in Portland, in my apartment, using whatever machines I could get my hands on. After several rounds of prototyping I've developed the patterns to not only be wearable but to actually be insanely comortable and damn good looking. The fabric is soft, flexible, and heavy. The cuts are designed to be oversized yet flattering. The jackets are each made to order through partnerships with artists in the Pacific Northwest. Aaron Whitaker, Demetrius Mensah, and myself rotate who produces each piece based on our availability. The artwork and details from each artist are unique to each piece and reflect the level of authenticity and perspective each artist brings to their work.

I hope you fuck with this collection. It's been a long time coming. It reflects the path DECENT has taken from being a few screen printed tees to full blown cut-and-sew project. So please, buy some shit if you fuck with it, and if you just like the vision pass it on.

Nic Allstott